Choppers Spirit has been proudly serving ONLY Harley Davidson Riders in the Fort Myers area since 2008.

Because we specialize only in Harley Davidson we provide our customers years of knowledge and expertise to insure they have the safest and most dependable ride.

There is not much we have not done or problem we have not solved over the years. Our passion is restoring the older rides and the creation of the ultimate custom rides. From boosting the performance of the engine to custom paint to the fabrication of custom parts we are here to make your dream ride a reality!

We invite to view some of our creations and service, but mostly we invite you to join our many loyal customers that allow us to take care of their Harley's and Chopper's.

Custom Parts and Motorcycles

Although we have created a one-stop shop for your bike needs, Chopper's Spirit is best known for being one of the few places that offers handmade, custom parts to ensure that your bike is repaired properly the first time. Additionally, our Metal Fabrication Services enable us to bring your dream bike to life.

Each of our custom motorcycles is unique, and they are all built with precision and top quality parts.